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Artist Statement- Photography
Photography is my meditation practice.
I become quiet and observant of the world around me.
I start to see shapes that are universal patterns of movement in the natural world.
Photography lets me capture a moment in time, a phase of a development or the changes of the seasons. Coming back to the same area day after day enables me to observe subtle changes in different light and throughout the seasons. Sometimes the light is just right to draw attention to a particular shape, giving it importance and meaning that speaks to me in this moment. The next day it might blend in again.
Each season unfolds its secrets if one is patient enough to observe. I am starting to get to know the cycles of ice formations and am at awe of the variety of ice crystals. Especially spring is an exciting time. Every day something new awakens from the winter sleep, unfolding in a slow way or bursting out moving into a new state of being very quickly. The summer flowers offer an endless posibility of fullness and color. While fall delights with the radiant afterglow of the sun and draws attention to the raw shapes again that get exposed with the falling leaves.

Archival prints or greeting cards are available to order.
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Greeting cards: $ 3.00 each. Wholesale orders are welcome
Archival prints are availble on 8.5 x 11" and on 13 x 19" paper and can be framed in 11x14 or 16x20 size frames. Please call or email for prices. 207-542-4285 or