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Antje Roitzsch's background is diverse: growing up in an artistic family in Germany; schooled in Waldorf Education; and learning through a Goldsmith Apprenticeship.
In 1988, Antje left Germany and came to Rockport, Maine as an intern learning a special goldsmith technique. During that time, she fell in love with Maine and found it to be her new home where, for 15 more years, she designed and produced jewelry at the same studio where she once interned.
To expand her horizons and use her hands in a different way, she studied Massage and Shiatsu 1999 at the Downeast School of Massage, and has been a practitioner since 2001. During 2005 she studied more Shiatsu at the Ohashi Institute in NY.
Since then she's explored both the healing arts and the visual arts simultaneously. The connection between both arts is "touch". Her visual art is created to be touched - and by touching a beautiful form, the observer becomes a participant, getting "in touch" with his/her own sense of beauty and his/her heart. Likewise, when receiving touch during a massage, a client reunites with the sense of his/her own beauty: connecting to his/her heart and appreciating his/her own body as a unique work of art. This same personal relationship is opened with Phenomenal Touch,a technique Antje studied throughout 2010.
As a practitioner of "Phenomenal Touch, Antje brings her capacity as a sculptor to perceive 3-dimensionally. Just as with a sculpture, her touch facilitates the organic unfolding of the body. Using "listening hands" she invites the recipient to peel away the layers of old habits, defense, protective armor, compensation patterns and uncover the treasure of love and appreciation for one's own body.
Antje practices in Camden and can be reached at 542-4285, or

Antje is a member of American Massage Therapy Association.