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New Etsy Store
Antje's jewelry can now also be found on Etsy. Here is the store link.

Move to "The Maine Beehive"
Antje just has moved both her Phenomenal Touch practice and her visual arts jewelry and sculpture studio into The Maine Beehive. It is located on 243 Commercial St.(Rt 1) in Rockport. 207-236-3111.

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Welcome to “The Maine Beehive”

We are a community for the Healing, Movement and Visual Arts.
Welcome to The Maine Beehive where we, Antje Roitzsch and Deborah Cautela, are pleased to share this invitation with you to collaborate with us. We are actively seeking like-minded people to join us in creating a community where healing, movement and visual arts are provided. Antje is a Phenomenal Touch™ Master Practitioner, Sculptor and Goldsmith. Deborah is a Phenomenal Touch™ Advanced Practitioner, 5Rhythms Movement Therapist and Dancer. We combine all our talents in the service of healing the whole being.
We are in our new building in Rockport ME since April 1st, 2013. Call us at 207-236-3111
The Maine Beehive is home to:
*Phenomenal Touch™ Massage and Shiatsu
*Life Coaching, Counseling
* 5Rhythms Movement Therapy
*Teaching, Workshops
*Showcase for Crafts and Art
*Jewelry and Sculpture
*Weekly Networking Tea Gatherings
*working in Collaboration with other Healing Practitioners
I am looking forward to sharing more of our process and development.
Be Well

Visual Arts Newsletter archive:

Video of Antje Roitzsch
Antje Roitzsch, Artist & Phenomenal Touch(tm) Therapist
Antje is talking about her work, connecting her artistic- and body-work through the heart.

New book is out! In English
" Art To Touch The Heart". It discribes all of Antje Roitzsch's artistic development and stages in text and a lot of photos.

Art to Touch the Heart
Art to Touch t...
An Artistic Journey
By Antje Roitzsch
Photo book
Book Preview

Kunst Zum Erleben- German Book
It accompanied a show in Germany at the Waldorfschule Essen.

Kunst zum Erleben
Kunst zum Erleben
Künstlerischer Werd...
By Antje Roitzsch
Photo book
Book Preview

Show in Germany
On Nov. 6 2010 Antje will be showing small sculptures, jewelry and photographs in a show at Freie Waldorfschule Essen in Germany

Antje can now be found on facebook

New line of Men's jewelry
Antje created a line of forged copper pendants that speak to the raw, unrefined, pure and adventorus spirit of both men and women. A sneak peak:

Art, Nature and Design, a sculpture exhibit at Merryspring Nature Center

Art, Nature and Design- the book
The book shows beautiful images of my outdoor sculptures at Merryspring Nature Center.
From the dream of outdoor sculptures to the transforming possibilities of art in our reality - this book gives an insight into how the process of collaboration was at the root of creating sculptures and displaying them in a beautiful setting.

Art, Nature And Design
Sculpture Show by A...
By Antje Roitzsch
Photo book
Book Preview

"Art Nature and Design"
the opening for "Art Nature and Design" sculpture show at Merryspring Nature Center will be on July 23, 4-6pm.
Antje will give two slide shows documenting the creation of this show followed by a guided tour of the exhibit. Thursday, August 13 at 5:30pm and Saturday, August 22 at 3pm.

Press coverage of Merryspring sculpture show
An article in the Herald Gazette is covering the "Art Nature and Design" sculpture show at Merryspring Nature Center

new Blog
Antje started a blog to document the building of the sculptures this summer and the exhibit at Merryspring Nature Park

July 2009 Outdoor Sculpture show at Merryspring Nature Park
Antje and volunteers will create a number of life-size sculptures to be exhibited from mid July to mid September. To get involved call Antje at 542-4285. Help is needed from bending metal to welding, transportation to installation. Material donations and money donations are strongly encouraged. Let's see what a community can create! All donations of time, material or money will be recognized in print.

2009 News

Dec. 2009 Show at Good Tern Coop
Antje will show her Artwork at the Coop

Recent Press
Antje appears in an article covering her show at "The First" in Camden

May 2009, The Center for Health and Healing
Starting in May Antje's works will enhance the space of the Center for Health and Healingin Rockland. She will hang photographs and place sculptures throughout the building.

May 2009, Show at the "First"
Throughout the month of May sculptures of different material will be shown in the Camden branch of the First Bank of Damariscotta. Works in bronze, plaster, copper tubing and translucent membrane as well as photographs of Zion Canyon.

May 2009, Beltaine show
The reception for the Beltaine show at the Badgers Cafe in Union will be on May 5 from 5-7pm . Antje will have a hanging translucent piece in that show.

March 2009
Aarhus Gallery in Belfast hosts "44N 69W: Radius Belfast", March 5-29, 2009. Open to all residents of any age or training, living within a 30 mile radius of Belfast, Maine.An Opening Reception will be held Friday March 6th, 5-8pm. Aarhus Gallery will donate 20% of sales from the show to local Food Banks within a 30 mile radius of Belfast. Antje will participate with a 3 foot tall membrane piece.

March 2009 Art Photography Show
"Fire and Ice" is the title of Antje's new photography show hanging at Zoot coffe in Camden throuout March.

February 2009 Works in White
3 of Antje's large white plaster pieces will be shown at the winter white show at the Carver Hill Gallery in Rockport. Opening is Saturday, January 31, 4-7 P.M. Beautifully executed sculpture, paintings, woodworking, and clay are all on display through March 4.

2008 News

3 Holiday Shows 2008:

Affordable Gifts
Art Space Gallery in Rockland will have an affordable gift show from Nov. 28 till Dec. 23 with a big reception on Dec. 13, 5-8pm. Antje will show smaller work out of different materials, and a full line of jewelry as well as archival prints and cards.

Aarhus Gallery in Belfast hosts an Extravaganza with reception on Dec. 5 from 5-8pm. They will have 5 wire and membrane pieces of Antje's and the line of sculptural pendants.

Badgers Cafe Show
The reception for the December show at the Badgers Cafe in Union will be on Dec. 3 from 4-7pm . Antje will have one bigger translucent piece in that show.

October 3, 2008 Talk " Working with Bronze"
On October 3 at 6:30 P.M. Antje will give a talk at the Art Space Gallery entitled : "Working in Bronze". A lot of people are curious to know what is involved in the process of bronze casting. Answering those questions inspired her to give a talk describing each step and showing samples of work in different stages.
The talk is free and open to the public.

September 17, 2008 featured Artist at Art Space Gallery
Starting on 9/17 with a reception Antje will be featured artist at Art Space Gallery in Rockland Maine. Details about special events can be found on the Art Space website

June 2008 Art Photography Show
A selection of Antje's Art Photogaphy will be on display at the Elsworth library during the month of June.

May 9, 2008 opening of Art Space Gallery
Antje is part of the Art Space Gallery in Rockland Maine. It is a cooperative gallery with 21 represented artists. Art Space participates in the Rockland Gallery nights every 3rd Wednesday evenings.
Antje will be featured artist in September with a reception on 9/17. She will give a talk about the technic of bronze casting on 9/26 at the gallery. Details about special events can be found on the Art Space website

May 2008 Art Photography Show
The Good Tern Coop in Rockland will present Antje's Photography during May. Greeting cards will be for sale as well.

March- April, 2008 Sculpture Show
Antje's bronze sculptures are on display at the Bangor Savings Bank in Camden during March.

February 2008 Art Photography Show
Through the month of February Antje's photographs will be hanging at Zoot Coffe shop in Camden.

Gallery Representation
Antje Roitzsch's sculptural work will be represented by the Elan Fine Arts Gallery in Rockport Maine. Receptions for new work will usually be on the first Friday of each month form 5-7pm.

2007 News

January 2007 Sculpture show
Bronze sculptures and models will be shown in the Camden branch of the First Bank of Damariscotta.

Art Photography
A selection of Antje's Photographs are presented in the space of Hands of Change Holistic Center on
28 Washington St. in Camden.

Antje asked Marguerite Peccorelli to write koans and poems to accompany her photography. A few are shown at the bottom of this page

Creative connections
Join Antje for "Creative Connections" Thursday mornings from 10-12am. We will be working in clay or draw, letting shapes and forms develop without preconceived ideas. It is a way to connect with the intuitive process and develop and nurture a relationship with it.
FMI call 542-4285

Healing Arts News

All new events and healing art related topics can now be found on

The Maine Beehive website.

Healing Arts Newsletter Archive:

Ongoing Events

Qigong dance
12 Qigong healing movements to music
every Thursday morning 8:00 am at Merry Spring. In the winter at Quary Hill, Anderson Inn in Rockport.
FMI call 207-542-4285 or 236-8732

Ear acupuncture: community style, for detox and stress relief
every Monday 4:30-6:00pm,
every Thursday 10:30-12 noon
at Red Bird Acupuncture in Rockland, at the Center for Health and Healing
call 594-4766

Astrological Reading
Astrological readings are available by Antje Roitzsch. Antje has studied Astrology for over 10 years and enjoys doing basic birth charts for people. This includes explaining where the planets were at the time of birth and in which signs and houses they are in. This information gives insight into strengths and weaknesses. Astrology is yet another language for life reflections.
FMI call 542-4285


baking your own sour dough rye bread
written for the Co-op FAll 2010 Newsletter

Interesting Links

Maine Precious Metal Casting is a casting company in Brunswick Maine. I enjoy working with them.

June LaCombe is a curator of sculpture shows. She shows a great variety of Sculptors.

George Sherwood is a sculptor who's work I saw and admire.

Antoine Poncet creates beautiful sculptures. It's worth figuring out this website.

Simone Elsing great stone sculptures. Also creation of interior and exterior spaces for head, heart and senses.

Richard Erdman creates interesting work in stone and bronze.

Joel Uruty works in a very different style of sculpture.

Martina Lueders is working in a variety of different media. A rough english translation is a vailable.

Phenomenal Touch A beautiful new thechnic of bodywork. Antje is excited to introduce it to interested clients

Nutrition Counseling shows a wide variety of helpful information.

LiliPond Aquatic Center introduces Watsu- Shiatsu in water. A very relaxing technique.

The Autognomics Institute (TAI) is doing research and providing education on the organizing principles of the logos of life-itself. Antje's photos of nature and her sculptures so capture and demonstrate the organizing wisdom and beauty in life-itself. A selection is presented on TAI's website. To to learn more email:

Interesting Books

Yes Magazine A Magazine promoting powerful ideas and practical solutions for the new economy, the planet, peace and justice and more. They also have a great website and newsletter

Agenda for a new economy A book by David Korten describing solutions from phantom wealth to real wealth

A beginners guide to constructiong the universe The mathematical Archetypes of nature, art and science. A voyage from numbers 1 through 10. So fascinating!

Honey Bee Information

February 1 2012. Bee Guardian Radio Show # 1 Here is a radio show Antje is doing on honeybees. This is the first live broadcast on WRFR 93.3 FM Rockland. Our Theme song starts 1min. and 25 sec. into the recording.

March 7 2012Bee Guardian Radio Show # 2 Here is the 2nd radio show of Bee guardians. We didn't get it recorded until 20 min. into the show. Therefore it is best to listen live on WRFR 93.3 FM Rockland.

April 4 2012, Bee Guardians Radio Show # 3. We talked about swarms, comb building and worker bees.

Swarm seson is just about here. Here is a Swarm Flyer to print out.

May 2 2012 Bee Guardians Radio Show # 4 We talked about the wintering bees and what it takes to stay warm. Early spring activities and hive inspections. Planting bee friendly gardens and a small look at the verroa mites

June 6 2012Bee Guardians Radio Show # 5 this was an interview with Christy Hemenway of Gold Star Honey Bees also known as The Bee Lady.

July 4 2012 Bee Guardians Radio Show # 6 We shared a lot of interesting information about pollinators, new hive designs, reports from our own hives and research on CCD.

August 1 2012 Bee Guardians Radio Show # 7 We talked about our last swarm capture and hive openings with our local beekeepers group. We discuss crooked comb, signs of swarming and the timing of new brood in the new hive. This is a prerecorded show and the last segment is recorded directly between 2 colonies. You will hear the bees buzzing in your ears.

September 5 2012 Bee Guardians Radio Show # 8

October 3 2012 Bee Guardians Radio Show # 9

November 7 2012 Bee Guardians Radio Show # 10

December 5 2012 Bee Guardians Radio Show # 11 The hives are winterized. Now it there is time to contemplate what the bees can teach us. Community building and honeybee ecology.

January 2 2013 Bee Guardians Radio Show # 12 This show got only recorded for the last 15 min.

February 6 2013 Bee Guardians Radio Show # 13 This is a full year of Bee Gardian shows! Update from the hives as they hang on through the winter. Now it there is time to plan bee friendly gardens. Also a look at native pollinators

March 6 2013 Bee Guardians Radio Show # 14 After the news from the hive we looked at how the bees communicating with each other and looking at the timeline of beekeeping

April 3 2013 Bee Guardians Radio Show # 15 Sad news from the hive. We looked at the bees mechanisms to stay healthy. An article on the commercial wide spread bee deaths. Encouragement to spread dandelions for early beefood.

May 1 2013 Bee Guardians Radio Show # 16 Again we looked at the news from hive. What to do when a hive dies. Harvest of honey, propolis, pollin, nectar, wax.Having disassembled a hive, we looked at the comb and what purpose it serves in the hive.

June 5 2013 Bee Guardians Radio Show # 17 We had a guest on the show reporting on his swarm catching experience. How do swarms decide on their new home? "The Buzz about bees" by Jürgen Tauz is our reference to a lot of honey bee facts. Harvesting honey? Now is the time for beeguardians. Eat local honey, because the imported stuff is often not what it said.

August 7 2013 Bee Guardians Radio Show # 18 We had skipped the July show and the August show is going to be the last show. We were 3 beegueardians in the studio and had Aimee on the phone in the second part. Our theme was: What did the bees teach us? Nice ending to an 18 month endeavor.