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Massage can be a gateway to awareness and even transformation...

Imagine a massage where you feel truly met. Held and cradled, rocked and stretched in a safe environment. Antje Roitzsch is practicing Phenomenal Touch, giving Massage a new dimension.

Following is a paraphrased introduction to Phenomenal Touch by the founder of the technique Leslie Bruder:

Picture receiving a massage by a therapist who is "lit up" with rekindled passion, and experiences as much joy as you receive. Imagine truly being met. The massage's depth and pressure, contact and speed are perfectly balanced. The practitioner's hands work so skillfully they are invisible. The transitions from one body part to another are so seamless they go unnoticed. It is a dance with overlapping hands, creating a rhythm of pause & movement that stems from a deep listening.

By utilizing the weight of the recipient's body and it's own gravitational pull, there is no need for force. Cradling the body into positions that support the muscles' natural ability to relax, dissolves their resistance without pain. There is a presence in which communication is not reliant upon words and where words, when used, are like drops of healing rain.

Now, visualize this process as taking place in water. Although on the massage table, your body is no longer limited by it. Parts of you are draped off the table, others lifted into the air. The therapist's hands move on both sides of your body at once. You slowly rise and fall with gravity, undulating like seaweed in a wave. You unwind. Your muscles melt and your heart opens. You are invited into a sacred acceptance of all that you are, an ancient re-remembering of what you always knew was possible in a massage, but had not yet found until now. This is Phenomenal Touch Massage.

"Phenomenal Touch Massage is a profound and revolutionary approach to massage that transcends the arbitrary boundaries between the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of ourselves, thus creating a truly holistic, healing experience for the giver and the receiver," says Ellen Klaver, songwriter and student of the technique. "It is an amazing dance that deeply respects and connects both people, and provides an experience of massage that goes far beyond the limitations of most techniques. Phenomenal Touch Massage, based in a loving and reverential approach to touch, truly provides an unparalleled experience of the unlimited possibilities of what massage can do and be when it stems first and foremost from the heart."

Antje Roitzsch, presently training in Phenomenal Touch, has radically transformed her massage practice.

When asked to compare Phenomenal Touch with other massages, her clients have made the following comments:

  • Gentle strong flow of movement- felt like a dance.
  • Intimate connection. Connecting-trust-being open. Rather than the "application of a massage" this was more of being held and me giving my body over to being opened and stretched. This technique is unusual, nothing I've ever before experienced in any venue.
  • I really enjoyed the stretching along with the massage. It made for a relaxing experience.
  • Stretching and physical contact were different from other massages I have experienced. I found both very soothing.
  • I love the long strokes and rocking.
  • Wonderful, unique, very complete, so three dimensional- multidimensional. Body mind healing spirit. Deep meditation with wonderfilled surprises.
  • I liked how integrated the massage was, e.g. neck, head and torso stretched as a unit as opposed to individually.
  • More sensual than most (massages) some similarities to zero balancing and use of fulcrums as well as deep massage techniques.
  • I liked being twisted, rolled and flopped over on my side.

Here is how recipients described Antje's strength during the session:

  • Antje was aware of how fare my body is able to move. She didn't push me over the limits. Antje always made sure that I was covered.
  • Antje's quiet manner, her strength. I felt entirely supported.
  • Even flow, rhythmic, skillful maneuvering of my body- that "letting go" of resistance was effortless.
  • Grounded, relaxed approach, depth of knowledge of the body.
  • Presence, depth, thorough.
  • Presence, strength, skill, loving intention, flowing deep work.
  • Antje is always respectful and caring. She knows the anatomy.
  • The touch was gentle, but it also felt effective and in good placement for muscle release.

The Session:

The first session of Phenomenal Touch could take up to 2 hours. We will spend some time hearing your story. The intake form you fill out prior to the session will be discussed, as well as your comfort level and our boundaries. There is space for you to voice any expectations, goals and concerns.

During the massage I will listen to your body's story. Memories of trauma, accidents and other stresses are held in the body's tissue. Sometimes the story of our mind is different from what the body tells - we can trust that the body never lies. Relaxation and release can happen on different levels, depending on how ready the body is. When deep trust is present and the body is ready, old traumas can be released. Memories might surface, a wave of emotional release could be experienced. I will be respectful of your process and give you space to experience whatever your body is releasing and keep you safe during the session.

Your breath is my guide and I read your body's responses, groans, moans and flinches. You have permission to express yourself non verbally. If need be don't hesitate to give me verbal feedback. This is a dance we perform together and your body is the choreographer. You are welcomed to move your body, put a leg up, shift your shoulders, turn around... You're also welcomed to move my hand to a more effective spot. The more active your participation, the more empowered you will feel and the more your needs will truly be met.

Trust will develop over time. Letting go requires feeling safe. Giving honest feedback will help me improve your experience.

Let's dance together!

For more information about Phenomenal Touch please go to Leslie Bruder's website:

For more general information about Massage visit American Massage Therapy Association or Miami Touch Research Institute or NCBTMB.

Making an appointment:

For an appointment call: 207-542-4285, or e-mail at Please give 48 hour notice if you need to reschedule your session. Or book your sessions online

Antje practices in Camden ME at 91 Elm St. at “Camden Whole Health”.

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